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Scratchtown Brewing is SWT Energy's second brewery project and makes use of 24.09 kW of solar capacity and predictive, solar forecasting ​to make their beer made from locally sourced grain and hops some of the greenest in the nation. Combine all that with some of the purest, freshwater on the planet and you've some pretty special beer. 

Beginning with a grid-tied photovoltaic system to generate 66% of the power the building was projected to consume, an account on allows the team at Scratchtown to plan their production schedule to coincide with peak solar production. Sixty-six 365w panels were mounted directly to the metal roof using fasteners and brackets specifically engineered for the roofing profile. All that power is converted into alternating current by Chilicon CP720 inverters monitored by a single WiFi enabled Gateway letting the owners see realtime solar production from any web connected device.


If you find yourself in Ord, Nebraska its easy to see a portion of the solar array on the building awning. Stop in and ask any member of the Klimek, Pollard, Reilly or Stunkel families who own and operate the brewery what's new on tap; you'll be very, very glad you did!


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