What began as temporary housing for a young family south of Cortland, Nebraska while their permanent and more conventional home was being built quickly grew into a model for three renewable technologies. The pre-engineered building includes a garage big enough to handle most of the equipment needs associated with a large acreage, living quarters and will eventually become a guest house.

Beginning with a grid-tied photovoltaic system to generate more power than building was projected to consume, the system was composed of 33, 310 watt solar panels channeled through a pair of SMA 500TL, sting inverters. Future expansion was a priority so being able to add more panels to the lower roof was essential. Also, the solar array will communicate with an SMA Sunny Island inverter which will monitor a future battery backup and generator. These technologies in combination will allow the 'Red Shed' to survive extended grid disruptions without inconveniencing the owners.