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Big Battery Blitz

The day has finally arrived. Battery systems are now available and they are better than the wildest, fever dreams of futurists and technophiles the world over. This new generation of back up battery systems is sleek, silent and super powerful. Plus, they are super smart but more about that later. So what's all the fuss about?

If you blinked, you'd miss it. Innocuously mounted on a basement wall, the 10kW, LG-Chem RESU battery seen in the photo above provides demand shaving and reserve power to a home in Lincoln, Nebraska. A full charge is enough to power this home through the night with room to spare for any unplanned outages. This translates to big savings on the home owner's energy bill and makes the most of any excess energy generated by the 5.8 kW solar array on the roof.

For larger homes or businesses, multiple batteries can be linked together or combined with an 'Automatic Backup Unit' or ABU. The ABU provides full off-grid capability by automatically decoupling the home or business from the grid in the event of an outage allowing the solar and battery systems to provide all the energy needed. If combined with a backup generator system, in theory the system could operate indefinitely.

All this awesomeness has to come at a price. The 10kW LG-Chem RESU will set you back around $5,500 and though it has onboard management, it still requires a dedicated inverter. There are options but the one we recommend from SMA adds $2500 to the total project cost. None of that includes wiring and installation which will set you back another $4900. So, for around $12,900 you can have a demand shaving wonder battery of your very own providing piece of mind and demand shaving, energy saving, solar energy capturing capability of your very own. If you want to be completely off-grid should the need arise, that requires the afore mentioned ABU which will set you back another $3,000. Even without an ABU, the LG-Chem RESU battery can provide as much as 40 amps of continuous load during an outage using its secure power feature. Any more than that and the system shuts down to protect itself from being discharged to quickly. Smart.

What about Tesla? God only knows...many of our customers have reserved or purchased a PowerWall and have yet to receive it. We will provide information on these installations as they happen; that is, if they happen. The LG-Chem batteries are available to purchase now and can be installed in as little as two weeks. As additional manufacturers' battery systems become available SWT Energy plans to make them available as well. Stay tuned for information on an upcoming installation of a BYD battery system next month.

If you or a friend have been kicking around the idea of installing a battery system to make the most of the solar array you already have, give us a call today!

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