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Solar Powered Electric Car

Niemeyer 7.8 kW and Fiat 500e

The argument is as old and tired as using fossil fuels to power our infrastructure, "electric cars are coal powered cars because our electricity comes from coal."

Aside from being overly simplistic and blissfully ignorant of the diversity of power generation in the 21st century, this argument is becoming increasingly false thanks to the actions of SWT customers like Bob Niemeyer. Bob installed a 7.8 kW adjustable, ground mount system a few years back and a battery electric car seemed like the next logical step. With the Tesla, Model 3 still a long way off and low mileage used electric cars hitting the secondary market, the decision was a no brainer.

Bob hooked up with a Boulder, Colorado dealership specializing in battery-electric vehicles (BEV). It wasn't long before he'd settled on a stylish, Fiat 500e. After a relatively painless sales process via phone and email, a car that sold new for more than $42,000 before incentives and rebates in 2015 was delivered to Bob's door for a quarter of the original purchase price. That's a bargain for any used car with only 15,000 miles on the clock but its a deal made even sweeter by the incredible technology and energy savings that come with it.

Niemeyer, Fiat 500e - Interior

For the uninitiated, the Fiat 500 is hot-hatchback from Europe with style and panache usually reserved for cars costing twice as much. However, the 500e ditches the common model's internal combustion engine for a cutting-edge, Bosch electric motor and liquid-cooled 24 kWh Panasonic battery pack. This results in a vehicle that goes from 0-60 in 8.4 seconds and achieves 87 miles of range. Thanks to its onboard level-2 charger it is ready to crack off another 87 miles after charging just four hours.

Niemeyer, Fiat 500e head-on

So let's recap:

- Hip, European sport compact car

- 110 hp and 147 lb-ft of torque

- 87 mile range

...and powered by the sun...costing the owner $0 to fuel up.

If nay-sayers still want to claim electric cars are coal powered to dissuade you from owning the vehicle you've always wanted, remind them SWT Energy has solar powered electric cars covered.

- Go Solar.

#GroundMount #ElectricCar

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