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Energy auditing was used to great effect during the first of the energy crises in the US over thirty years ago. With a wider array of techniques, and much improved technologies to remedy energy deficiencies caused by deterioration or obsolescence much can be accomplished.

Everything from insulation, lighting and mechanical systems are many times more efficient and less costly to operate than comparable systems even a decade ago. An energy audit is the first step to determining the scope of problems, and if they require action, arrive at the most economical and beneficial solutions. 

Low-cost, and even no-cost, recommendations yield huge energy savings. Repairs, replacements or upgrades with negligible upfront costs can then be prioritized with costly up-grades considered once funding and return on investment can be determined: the availability of tax credits and other incentives to reduce costs are SWT Energy's specialty. These audits once completed help qualify many projects for government programs for grants or matching funds.

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