Hurlbut Residence

Thermal-solar, hot-water systems are very rarely deployed due to the popularity of photovoltaic systems, however the aesthetic improvements and performance of thermal systems makes them an outstanding investment. At nearly 100 percent efficiency, thermal-solar is by far the most efficient way to heat homes, businesses or any application that use large amounts of hot water like swimming pools, car washes, laundromats and office buildings. 

The Hurlbut residence uses only two, thermal-solar panels to heat a glycol solution which in-turn is routed to a storage tank connected to a traditional heat-pump/furnace. Electric demands of the system and the supplemental electric heating on the 2nd floor are easily covered by the roof-mounted photovoltaic solar power system on the roof. Additional electric needs for the home are covered by pole-mounted photovoltaic, solar in the backyard. The total system capacity of 25kW DC significantly reduces and at times, eliminates this large South, Lincoln home's consumption from the grid.