Hybrid Water Systems

Thermal solar hybrid systems are those that perform a variety of uses. The system is generally designed for space heating and hot water needs. Additional loops can be installed to heat swimming pools, spas, concrete floors or driveways. SWT Energy Inc has researched the market to provide the most advanced components available.
SWT Energy Inc utilizes high-quality US made components for thermal solar applications. Solar collectors are of equal quality from manufacturing facilities in Florida and Minnesota. AET and Solar Skies are primary suppliers. These companies also provide stainless steel drain-back
tanks with copper heat exchangers, along with, the highest quality electronic controls and accessories to complete the job.
SWT Energy also offers a stainless steel tank that is small enough to fit through a standard doorway. The tanks are located on an insulated platform with layers of insulation installed on site. The final wrap includes a white poly vapor barrier for moisture protection and a desirable finish. They are offered in sizes ranging from 500-1000 gallons. These tanks provide highquality, safe, thermal storage for much less than conventional water tanks.

500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank fully-insulated with vapor barrier

Thermal solar is provided to conditioned space via the existing ductwork in the home or business. A separate thermostat is installed to regulate the primary heating needs. This thermostat activates a pump and furnace fan to deliver heat to the conditioned space. When thermal solar heat has depleted the existing thermostat becomes the backup to allow heat from conventional sources.

Heat Exchanger installed in furnace with pump & electronic controls on adjacent wall

SWT Energy has systems operating that we installed over 35 years ago. These systems seldom need service. When, and if they do, the repair is typically minor and inexpensive.
Any questions can be addressed to SWTEnergy@yahoo.com