Domestic Hot Water Systems

Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems are the most efficient and cost effective way to utilize solar energy because they are used year round. There are, however, several types of solar domestic hot water systems to choose from. We won't get into details but we will take the guesswork out of your research. SWT Energy feels that the AET Solar Domestic Hot Water- Drainback (DB) System is superior to others on the market. It does not use toxic glycol or oils, it utilizes potable water that only requires a single-wall heat exchanger, it does not waste water like draindown systems, and it has less mechanical components (no pressure tanks or relief valves). This system is easy to install and costs less to maintain. The storage tank is a standard electric tank. Tanks with heat exchangers are expensive. A separate drainback tank houses solar heated water and the heat exchanger. One pump runs the solar loop at the same time another pump circulates water through the heat exhanger to the storage tank.
AET Solar has other styles of domestic hot water systems that can be viewed from their SolarThermal Catalog at SWT Energy can help you with all of the systems the AET Solar offers.