Sun Fox I Air Handler

The SunFox I air handling system is designed to optimize temperatures from a heat source to a conditioned space or a storage system. 

This done with a variable speed fan that can be adjusted to fit most applications.  It also contains a motorized damper to allow air to flow while moving air from the heat source to conditioned space. The damper closes to prevent heat loss and moisture movement when the system shuts down.  An electronic control automatically senses the temperature between the source and conditioned space to maximize heat gain.   The SunFox I makes the installation simple by providing all these components in a single component box.   An air filter grill is also provided to keep the system clean for long life and low maintenance.  


The SunFox I air handling system is adaptable to solar air collector arrays, solariums, greenhouses, wood stove rooms, etc.   An additional backdraft damper is recommended for most applications.  The filter grill can be installed directly on the air handling cabinet or at a

location ducted to a more convenient place for easy maintenance.  The electronic controls can also be installed remote from the air handling cabinet for easy operation.   The cabinet is 16 guage steel construction.  It is powder-coated for a durable and attractive appearance.  The cabinet is insulated to allow it to be installed in attic, crawl spaces, etc. to reduce heat-loss and provide quiet operation.  
Schematics are attached to provide ideas for the type of application you may have in mind.  Any questions can be addressed to