Energy Feasibility Studies

SWT Energy is a team member with Cimarron Light & Power. The teams goals are to maximize local distributed generation via the use of locally supplies energy, conservation and smart construction practices. These studies target new community development (residential, industrial, etc.) and utility-scale applications.

Projects are in progress in several housing developments in the Dakotas where “micro-grid” communities are being established. New energy star rated homes are being built with a minimal amount of solar photovoltaic to net-zero the communities load on the grid. This helps reduce peak-power demand during the summer months which keeps electrical rates low. It also benefits the utility. Less load on the grid reduces the need to upgrade an aging/substandard grid system.

The communities have a central well system that provides geothermal heating and cooling to multiple homes. They also have a central generation facility that will provide power during power outages. Energy savings and energy security are key benefits to this development concept.

The Cimarron Light & Power` team is also helping small communities take charge of their energy future. By establishing local energy sources, the community can reduce their dependence on their regional power provider. Local distributed generation is more efficient and sustainable. The Cimarron team partners with communities to determine which energy sources are the best investment for long-term investment. The team then determines which resources are the most cost-effective for the community. Cimarron has the resources to invest, finance and right-down the costs to make the project more affordable when it is handed back to the community. The project brings jobs to the community. The lower electrical rates attract new industry, housing and other investment opportunities.