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Energy Audits

Energy auditing was used to great effect during the first of the energy crises in the US over thirty years ago. With a wider array of techniques, and much improved and innovative new technologies to remedy energy deficiencies caused by deterioration or obsolescence much can be accomplished by having a comprehensive or special energy audit done as energy costs continue to increase.

Audits are one of your best sources for determining the efficacy of updating existing structures in order to save the costs of new construction.

Facilities and residences are able to upgrade their insulation, lighting and mechanical systems to make them more efficient and less costly to operate.

The first step to becoming more efficient is to evaluate individual or overall energy concerns by performing the tests and studies needed to determine the scope of problems, and if they require action, arrive at the most economical and beneficial solutions.

Low-cost, and even no-cost, recommendations are always completed first. Repairs, replacements or upgrades with a short pay-back should be considered next. Costly up-grades should only be considered if the problem is significant (a large ticket item may be such a central issue that it supersedes less costly

problems), adding in considerations as to how reasonable the pay-back will be, and funding: especially the availability of tax credits and other incentives offered to reduce the solution’s cost. Energy audits are often required by government programs in order to qualify for grants or matching funds.